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Your child only gets ONE chance at school, and your child’s future will be affected by not attending school regularly.

They will struggle to keep up with school work and it is difficult for schools to find the extra time/staffing to help a child catch up.

Poor attendance will affect a child’s ability to make and keep friendships.


As a parent/carer, It is your responsibility to ensure your child attends school regularly.

School have a legal obligation to refer children with poor attendance to the Local Authority Educational Welfare Officer.

Action will be taken against parents who are not supporting their child(ren) attending school.

You MUST call school before 9.15am every day that your child is going to be absent.

We DO NOT support holidays during term-time.


Wherever possible, we would ask that medical appointments be made outside of the school day, although we understand that this is not always possible.

Why Do We Come To School?

  • To make friends
  • To access great learning
  • To enjoy educational visits
  • To learn about the wider world
  • To help me get a job when I’m older
  • To enjoy after school clubs
  • To develop valuable life skills
  • To prevent boredom
  • To be active and healthy
  • To learn new things
  • To improve mental health & wellbeing


What Happens If We Don't Come To School?

  • You end up behind with your learning
  • Your parents could get into trouble
  • You will be bored at home
  • You will miss your friends
  • You will miss out on special days & celebrations
  • You will miss out on school trips and residentials
  • You won’t learn new skills
  • You won’t gain knowledge
  • Mrs Buchanan or Mrs Ryan will be ring to make sure your are safe and find out why you aren't in school
  • You will be missed by friends and teachers


If you need further support or advice regarding attendance, please contact Mrs Buchanan (our Attendance Officer) or Mrs Ryan in the school office.