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Design and Technology

Our Dream


At Redhill, our dream is for all children to leave our school as:


Enquiring learners that have an appreciation and understanding of how products are made and the work that this requires, having an understanding of the possible career paths that they could follow within this industry.


Curious young people that are able to problem solve during a process, approaching setbacks and design faults with resilience, perseverance and the confidence to attempt something in a different way.


Children that have the self-assurance to know that they have the abilities to produce a product with creativity and flair, as well as being able to reflect upon their process, evaluating their successes and areas for development.


Pupils that have an in-depth understanding of the design cycle knowing that this can be a cyclical structure rather than a straight road to finishing a product, having a particular appreciation of the importance of a design specification at the start of an enquiry.




Design and Technology at Redhill aims to inspire creative problem-solving in children of all ages while raising their awareness of what it means to live in a world of engineered and designed products.  By looking with a fresh perspective on products in the world around us, pupils at Redhill learn to see the design decisions that have been made in even the smallest or most common-place product and how considerations of function and form combine to produce successful products. 


With strong links to Maths and Science, Design and Technology is a subject that is firmly embedded in a cross-curricular approach to learning.  The importance of language and vocabulary is developed through learning new words to precise words to do with the materials and techniques that are part of the Design and Technology curriculum while the need to explain and justify decisions means that our learners have the opportunity to develop their spoken and written language skills in a meaningful context. 


When making functional products, children at Redhill work through a design cycle that includes a strong emphasis on examining and understanding real products before designing, making and evaluating products of their own.  Whether working with textiles, food, 3D structures or control-technology, Design and Technology at Redhill begins with a problem that must be solved creatively and innovatively with a focus on learning from the real world. 


While designing people-centred products is at the heart of Design and Technology, children at Redhill are asked to consider issues to do with sustainability, thinking about how their products can be designed to both fulfil their design specifications while also minimising their impact on the environment in terms of the materials they use and the waste they produce. 

Design and Technology


Redhill Curriculum: DT Overview


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Different ways of joining materials


Junk modelling

Sculpture - clay

Different ways of joining materials


Junk modelling

Design and make a dinosaur land

Different ways of joining materials


Junk modelling

Design and make homes 

Use tools effectively and safely

Year 1


Food Technology

Moving pictures

Year 2

Winding mechanisms

Food Technology


Year 3

Free-Standing Structures

Making 3D structures from 2D nets

Food technology

Year 4


Food technology

Circuits and switches

Year 5


Levers and linkages

Food technology

Year 6

Food technology




Key Three

DT Co-Ordinator

If you have any questions about this area of the curriculum, please feel free to get in touch with the co-ordinator either through Class Dojo or by contacting the school office.