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Redhill Primary School

Together we dream, believe and achieve




At Redhill, our dream is for all children to leave our school as:

Kind, empathetic and compassionate individuals who understand the impact their words and actions have on others and who choose to use this responsibility in a positive way to respect, support and care for others.


Young people capable of forming and maintaining positive relationships, cooperating as part of a team and working through disagreements with others by listening to alternative perspectives and verbalising their own feelings in order to reach compromises or solutions whilst accepting, at times, that some relationships become unhealthy and that it is not a positive decision to maintain such connections.


Students who embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual and are inclusive of everyone regardless of any differences as well as valuing their own individuality and being proud of the amazing, valued people they are, pursuing their dreams and goals with confidence and self-belief.


Emotionally resilient, mindful people who can acknowledge, recognise and accept their feelings and develop a toolkit of strategies they can use to verbalise their emotions and regulate them, placing great value on their own emotional well-being.


Confident children unafraid of facing a challenge and celebrating their own achievements without comparing themselves to others whilst also recognising situations in which they need support and being willing to accept help from others.


Young people who are prepared for the changes they will go through as they grow, armed with the vocabulary and awareness needed to voice any worries or concerns or ask any questions whilst developing a clear understanding of ways in which they can make positive choices regarding keeping their bodies and minds safe and healthy.


Critical and reflective thinkers who ask questions about the world around them in order to form their own opinions, challenging stereotypes and recognising subjectivity.



At Redhill, our RSE curriculum, which is part of PSHE, is age appropriate and designed to prepare children for the next stages in their life. We want children to understand what healthy relationships look like and how to ask for help if there is anything they are worried about in their own family or friend relationships. We prepare our older children by teaching them about puberty and how to deal with the physical developments and the emotional impact this change will bring. We discuss body image and consider gender stereotypes and prejudices. Our oldest children receive age-appropriate and inclusive sex education which has been developed in conjunction with parents. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from this aspect of the curriculum. However, at Redhill, through careful consultation and by keeping parents well informed of the content of sex education lessons, all children are included.


The curriculum is taught through dedicated PSHE lessons which involve lots of discussion, role play and sharing ideas and strategies. However, the aims of PSHE run through every aspect of school life – for example, through our ‘SECRET’ values, through how we expect children to treat each other, through our community time sessions and through the books children study. Our ethos is one that promotes self-esteem, confidence, empathy and the ability to problem-solve and think critically. These are the underpinning principles which help children put into practice what they learn in PSHE lessons.

PSHE Curriculum


Redhill Curriculum: PSHE Overview


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Class rules and routines

Building relationships

Expressing emotions

Learning about qualities and differences

Managing our emotions

Staying healthy: sleep, eating and oral hygiene

Looking after others

Keeping ourselves safe at home, online and in life

Year 1

How can I be a good friend?

 Who is special to us?

What helps us stay healthy?

What can we do with money?

Who Helps to Keep Us Safe?

Year 2

What makes a good friend?

What is bullying?

What helps us stay safe?

What helps us stay healthy?

What jobs do people do?

How do we recognise feelings?

Year 3

What makes a community?

What keeps us safe?

Why should we keep active and sleep well?

How can I be a good friend?

Why should we eat well and look after our teeth?

What are families like?

Year 4

How do we treat each other with respect?


What strengths, skills and interests do we have?

How can we manage our feelings?


How can we manage risks in different places?

How can our choices make a difference to each other and the environment?

Year 5

How can friends communicate safely?

What makes up our identity?

 How will we change and grow?

What decisions can people make with money?

What jobs would we like?

How can common drugs affect health?

How to help in an accident or emergency

Year 6

How can the media influence people?

 Sex education

How can we keep healthy as we grow?

What will change as we become more independent?

Key Three

Pupil View

PSHE and RSE Co-Ordinator

If you have any questions about this area of the curriculum, please feel free to get in touch with the co-ordinator either through Class Dojo or by contacting the school office.