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How will you enable my child to access all school activities?

Our school is accessible to pupils with SEND.  Our school is only on one floor which is accessible to all pupils. The outdoor learning and play areas are all accessible via ramps and stairs. 


We adapt teaching resources and equipment as necessary so that they are equally accessible to all children.

Before and after school care via our external provider is open to all our pupils and extra-curricular clubs run by staff are accessible to all children including those with SEND.


All children have an equal opportunity to go on school visits. Extra support is provided if required. Educational visits will only be planned to locations accessible to all. Risk assessments are carried out prior to any off site activity.


Some identified children will need an Individual Risk Assessment. This will be written in consultation between Class Teachers, SENCO, Leadership Team, Specialists and Parents.


Equipment and facilities to support pupils with SEND will be secured through:

  • Health services

  • Charities

  • Support services

  • Volunteers

For any more information on access plans please find our full Accessibility Plan on our website.