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Safeguarding Information -Including Policies & Our Early Help Offer to Families

Safeguarding at Redhill

Redhill Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.


Keeping children safe is a key priority of our school.

Please find below some of our key safeguarding information and policies. Additional safeguarding related policies can be found in the main policies list on the home page.

Child-Friendly Safeguarding Policy


The issue of bullying is one that is dealt with sensitively but seriously at Redhill Primary School. Staff, parents and pupils work together to make the school a welcoming, supportive and friendly place to work and play. Anti-Bullying education and procedures are an important part of the way in which we aim to build positive and healthy relationships between all of our learners.


Anti-Bullying measures at Redhill include:

  • A strong commitment in all year groups towards educating children in recognising bullying in different forms, including online bullying.
  • Guiding children to be active in preventing bullying by sharing their worries and concerns either through the worry-boxes in school or by speaking to a trusted adult.
  • Helping children understand the part they can play in supporting victims of bullying by teaching them to speak out and speak up when they have witnessed bullying.
  • Supporting victims and their families by having a clear set of procedures in place to record incidents of bullying.
  • Working in partnership, victims, parents, class teachers and members of the senior leadership team work together to build action plans to address bullying issues.
  • Having a rigorous process for reporting and monitoring the success of anti-bullying measures, both in the school as a whole and on an individual basis.
  • Building a community of learners who recognise the value of difference, who celebrate diversity and who appreciate each other's individuality is a central part of the ethos at Redhill and is a vital part of our anti-bullying work in all year groups. 


We are very grateful to our valued team of volunteers who help in school on a regular basis. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Mrs Buchanan in the school office for an informal chat and further information.

Please find below links to our Volunteer Handbook, Policy for Supervision of Volunteers and Volunteer Application Form.

Online Safety

At Redhill we have an online safety curriculum. We teach children about online safety in dedicated lessons throughout the year. These progressive lessons cover a range of online safety issues including learning about what it means to be a digital citizen, understanding concepts to do with privacy and data protection, recognising the importance of having device-free moments in our lives and beginning to understand bias, stereotyping and trust when visiting websites. Mr Cicinski is the teacher responsible for on-line safety in our school.

Additional On-Line Safety Information for Parents