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At Redhill, pupils learn how to use and design digital systems while also learning more about how to be responsible, respectful and safe users of information technology in an online, inter-connected world. 


The ICT and Computer Science curriculum at Redhill provides a progressive framework within which children learn about how computer systems are physically designed and built as well as how to use them to produce a range of products of their own.  Whether using spreadsheets, graphic design software, coding programmes or experimenting with sounds and music, pupils at Redhill are taught to become digital designers, making creative, innovative and justified decisions about how to use applications and software skills to produce polished products of their own. 


Digital literacy has a central place in the teaching of ICT and Computer Science, making our pupils more critical of information that is presented to them on the internet as well as teaching them to think carefully about the impact their own conduct has on others and their own digital footprint.  Through carefully designed e-safety lessons, Redhill pupils not only learn about the importance of protecting themselves and respecting others in an online world, but are also taught to think about their own well-being by thinking about issues such as ‘screen-time’ and the challenges to self-esteem that can come with linking to others online.  E-safety workshops for parents help link home and school, providing parents and carers with important guidance on how to guide and protect children when using games, websites and online forms of communication

Curriculum Overview


Redhill Curriculum: Computing Overview


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Using paint packages
Explore cause and effect

Communicating through ICT
Programming a floor robot

Developing mouse control and keyboard skills
Using digital cameras

Year 1

Technology around us
Digital Painting

Moving a robot
Grouping Data

Digital writing
Programming animations

Year 2

IT around us
Digital photography

Robot algorithms

Digital Music
Programming quizzes

Year 3

Connecting computers
Stop-frame animation

Sequencing sounds
Branching databases

Desktop publishing
Events and actions in programs

Year 4

The internet
Audio production

Repetition in shapes
Data logging

Photo editing
Repetition in games

Year 5

Systems and searching
Video production

Section in physical computing
Flat-file databases

Introduction to vector graphics
Selection in quizzes

Year 6

Communication and collaboration
Web page creation

Variables in games
Introduction to spreadsheets

3D modelling
Sensing movement


Key Three

Pupil View

Computing Co-ordinator

If you have any questions about this area of the curriculum, please feel free to get in touch with the co-ordinator either through Class Dojo or by contacting the school office.