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What is SEND and who will receive SEND support?

The SEND Department provides support for pupils across the 4 areas of need as laid out in the SEND Code of Practice 2015:


Communication and interaction

For example, those who need support expressing themselves and interacting with others.


Cognition and learning

For example, those who need extra support with reading, writing, maths, and following lessons.


Social, emotional and mental health difficulties

For example, those who need support socialising with others and controlling their emotions.


Sensory and/or physical needs

For example, those who need support in managing their senses (noise, touch, light, taste) and/or physical disability, sight or hearing loss.


Multiple Needs:

The school recognises that the child may need support in more than one of these areas and we work with our school team, alongside the local authority and with other outside agencies to determine the best course of action for each, individual pupil.