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Curriculum News


In Ducklings we have been having lots of fun learning about the Jewish festivals of Yom Kippur and Sukkot! As well as using Drama to act out some of the customs associated at these festivals, we have also been eating bread and honey, listening to the sound of the shofur in Music, building synagogues using playdough and lego and constructing our very own sukkahs to eat our snacks inside!










This term our book is the Lighthouse Keepers lunch and, to introduce the topic, we have created lots of wonderful seaside-themed artwork including these beautiful seagulls. We have also written our own stories about lighthouses and one piece of work was special enough to make it on to the school’s Radiant Writers display in the hall! Well done, year 2!




In year 3, we have started our amazing topic on the stone age and we have been looking to begin with at the Neolithic period. The children have asked some amazing questions to guide our learning already and we have started exploring the period by creating our own cave drawings and fossils and writing some fascinating fact files!





Year four have had a really good start to the New Year. We have got right into this terms topic – Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. The children have been learning about these invaders and settlers including things like what they ate and what they wore, we also put them on a timeline to find out where they came in British history. We have also been learning about the human digestive system in science, starting with our teeth and the children had great fun using clay to make models of theirs! We learnt about the different types of teeth in our mouths and most importantly how to keep them clean and healthy! Well done for a great start to the year Woodpeckers!




This term, we are learning all about Mexico and, in our art, we have been learning about the incredible artist Frida Kahlo. The children have been asking lots of questions about her life and work which we are going to be answering over the coming weeks. We have also looked closely at lots of her amazing self portraits and created our own self-portraits in her iconic, colourful style!




Year 6 have had a great start to the year and settled really well in to their supportive responsibilities of jobs at lunch time and taking care of their reception buddies! We  have also been learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot and we spent an afternoon turning our tables in to sukkots to celebrate! It’s been a great month!



World Heart Day

This month, to launch our Supportive half term in our new Secret to our Success curriculum, we celebrated World Heart Day and set ourselves the goal of raising enough money to buy a defibrillator for the school. Our  biggest drive was intended to be our non-school uniform day on World Heart Day, however, we were overwhelmed by the response from our parents and the local community.

We are so proud and grateful to announce that a local company, Gibbs and Dandy, alongside two of their suppliers, Altipran and Anglo Norden,  have donated £1,200 to buy the school a paediatric defibrillator.. They have also donated £200 to the Robins for their sponsored walk around Elvaston Castle. Furthermore, British Heart Foundation have contacted the company and offered to pay a £300 contribution to each defibrillator that is bought.


We have also heard about lots of incredible fundraisers, including a Zumbathon, from our amazing parents and we have been completely overwhelmed by the response and all the money raised.


Once we have calculated the total amount and bought our new defibrillator, we will let you know how we have spent the money to further support the health of our incredible community. Thank you all for your support, generosity and kindness!