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Curriculum News


At the start of November, the Ducklings learned about, and celebrated, Diwali! We learned that Diwali is also known as the Festival of Light. The Ducklings learned the story of Rama and Sita and about how Diwali is celebrated around the world. 

During the week, the Ducklings made and decorated their own diva lamps, which they learned are often used to decorate the homes of people celebrating Diwali. They also made rangoli patterns, tasted traditional food that is eaten to celebrate Diwali and listened to some special Year 6 visitors who came to talk to us about how they celebrate Diwali with their families at home. They even bought a real diva lamp in to show us!





In Year 1, we love to read lots of different stories. We brought our favourite book to school for our book advent. Each day in December we will open one book and a grown-up will read it to the class. We will then explain to the class why we would recommend this book.

Our first book was Jude’s choice. He chose it because he loves sharks and this book has lots of shark facts inside.





This November Year 2 looked at instruction texts. We learned how to be bossy by using imperative verbs! We had a go at commanding a robot to move around the classroom using a series of instructions. At the end of our work on instructions, we planned out a piece of writing explaining how to make jam sandwiches. The children all had a go at making their own sandwiches and took turns to tell each other the steps. There were thumbs up all round at the end of the lesson when we got to eat them!




Year 3 have been up to lots of exciting things this month! As part of our topic on the Stone Age we have been learning all about Stonehenge, we discussed our own theories about why and how we thing it was built. We then had a go at creating our own versions out of biscuits! They were very realistic … and tasty!




This month, Year 4 have been hard at work practising their sketching skills! We have practised using different movements to create a range of patterns and textures and applied this to drawing  shadows  and shading on a range of different pictures.




This half term, Year 5 have started their new DT topic where they are learning about how to design, make and use cams in the products they create. To begin with, we have been making a simple cam to demonstrate how each turn causes the blocks to move up and down. The children did a brilliant job and we can’t wait to see what else they create.





This month, we held our Supportive SECRET Showcase! Throughout the first half term, our class organised themselves in to groups and planned and prepared their own stalls to run during our school book fair in November. They created all their own products to sell - ranging from jewellery and crystals to stationery and cakes - then ran their stalls independently on the day. It was a brilliant event and they raised over £200 towards a  school trip for the class later in the year!



Redhill Arts Week, May 2022: Arts Trail