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Curriculum News


The Ducklings have been learning the story of the Gingerbread Man over the last few weeks! As part of this, we've done lots of baking! The Ducklings used their amazing phonics knowledge to write a shopping list for the ingredients to make gingerbread men. Once we had all the ingredients, the Ducklings measured out the ingredients, followed the instructions in the recipe and made gingerbread men! We cooked our gingerbread men in the school oven before decorating them with icing and raisins. Our gingerbread had buttons, two eyes, a mouth and a nose! They smelled delicious and we loved eating them for our snack! 





For our Nativity ‘Christmas with the Aliens’ we performed a dance in a small group. We were very brave as we had a huge audience!






Year 2 had a great time on Wednesday 7th December. We all walked to Ockbrook Church for a tour. We have been learning all about places of worship as part of our R.E. topic and thought it would be a great idea to visit our nearest one!

The children learned all about the history of the building with a great talk from Rev Tim Sumpter. They also learned about why a church is special to Christians and heard about some special Christmas activities happening at the moment.

The children especially enjoyed spotting all the different features of the building and listening to the church bells which were rang especially for them!




This month we finished our learning on the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We then went on our school trip to Creswell Crags. We got to go into one of their caves that real Stone Age people would have lived in during the Stone Age, it was very dark and cold! We also had a go at building shelters and spear throwing during the survival skills activity and then we did lots of Stone Age style art. It was a brilliant day!





This month, to immerse ourselves fully into our topic, we held a special Viking day in school! Every child came in dressed in their best Viking outfit and we gave ourselves Viking names, played Viking games and learnt lots about our History topic! It was a great day!





This month in PE, year 5 have been really enjoying learning a special dance to celebrate the Day of the Dead! They had a great fun practising the dance and were excited to film it and share it with their parents on Class Dojo!




In December, we held our very own World War 2 themed day where every child came dressed in their best World War 2 costume! We finished our DT topic by making food for a VE Day feast, we used our electricity and light skills from Science to make torches to use for Morse code, we did quizzes about our learning so far and much, much more! It was a great end to a great topic! 



Redhill Arts Week, May 2022: Arts Trail