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Curriculum News


In Ducklings, we have been learning about road safety and being safe when we are both in the car or crossing the road! After our Teams workshop, we got busy practising ourselves! We used chalk to draw roads and zebra crossings on the playground, dressed up as crossing patrol people and remembered to stop, look and listen before crossing at the traffic lights or another safe place. Back in class, we used the toy cars and lego people to get even better at finding safe places to cross and some of us even taught the Barbies how to wear a seatbelt when they are in their car. We drew teddy bears strapped into car seats and designed our own stop signs to let drivers know to be careful of pedestrians.





This month, in one of our RE lessons, we attended a Christian Infant Baptism and we watched baby Robin being Baptised.

We learnt about the order of the service, the meaning of the special vocabulary such as, font, holy water, vows and Godparents and we explained in our own words what happens during the service. 





This term we have been doing lots of outdoor and nature art so we looked at the work of sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. The children enjoyed looking at his work which only uses natural materials. They were all inspired to make their own pieces and worked fantastically in teams to create them. Well done Year 2!




June in the Redhill Owls has been taken over by the Rotten Romans v the Cruel Celts! In History and Literacy lessons we studied Boudicca and her revolt against the Romans in ancient Britain – the Owls created portraits of this famous Brit, wrote playscripts based on her story and performed in a very energetic and warlike dance showing what happened what the Celts faced off against the Romans! In other subjects, we continued exploring the functions of different parts of a plant in Science as well as learning how to score, slip, stick and smooth when working with clay to produce Ancient Roman pottery.  In PSHE lessons, we explored what it means to be part of a diverse community while in maths lessons we developed our measuring skills. In music lessons, it was very exciting to have a go at creating motifs on the schools brand new chime bars, learning how to notate and transpose simple patterns of notes.   




Year 4 have been busy this month doing lots of printing for our art. We looked at lots of Native American patterns to inspire our own designs and then had a go at printing them in two different ways. First we tried raised printing, making our own blocks using string and a cardboard rectangle, then we had a go at impressed printing by pressing our designs into polystyrene. The ink was very sticky and difficult to use with the rollers, but we got the hang of it and the results were brilliant using lots of different colours. Well done Woodpeckers!




This term, our history topic is looking at the Changing Role of Women. So far, we have looked at what life was like for women from the Ancient Times through to the Renaissance, some of the rules and laws that Victorian women had to live by and famous Victorian women. In addition, we have also looked at the suffragette movement and how they campaigned to allow women to vote in general elections.  We are going to write and then record a persuasive speech linked to this. We are really enjoying this topic and we are looking forward to finding out about the lives of women up to the modern day and if there are any examples of gender inequality today.




Year 6 have been celebrating Pride Month throughout June and have taken part in a special project to show our support for the LGBTQIA+ community in Ockbrook. For part of a Pride display at the local Co-Op, we sewed our own pride flags, created a range of rainbow art and worked alongside other groups to raise awareness! It has been amazing!