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Redhill Primary School

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Meet the Staff

Meet the staff

Come and meet the wonderful staff at our school!


Mrs N Millar - Headteacher: Mrs Millar is responsible for leading our school. She is also the designated Safeguarding lead.

Mr A Cicinski - Deputy Headteacher: Mr Cicinski is our deputy headteacher, deputy designated safeguarding lead and the leader for ICT and e-safety, RE, Creative Arts and Displays. He is also the Anti-Bullying Co-Ordinator, oversees the foundation curriculum and teaches our year 3 class: The Owls.

Mr A Wright - Assistant Headteacher: Mr Wright is our assistant headteacher. He is the English and Maths co-ordinator and, alongside Mr Cicinski, oversees the foundation curriculum. He is also a deputy designated safeguarding lead and the senior mental health leader for the school. He teaches our year 6 class: The Skylarks.

Miss L Ramsay: Miss Ramsay teaches our Reception class: The Ducklings. She is the Key Stage 1 and Early Years co-ordinator and the leader of PSHE and RSE.

Mrs V DaviesMrs Davies teaches our year 1 class: The Robins. She is a Special Needs co-ordinator and MFL leader.

Mr M Day: Mr Day teaches our year 2 class: The Swifts. He is our PE and Science co-ordinator.

Miss K Varney: Miss Varney teaches our year 4 class: The Woodpeckers. She is our Music and DT co-ordinator.

Mrs C Greaves: Mrs Greaves teaches our Year 5 class: The Kingfishers. She is a Special Needs co-ordinator and our Community leader. She works 3 days a week.

Mrs C Parkin: Mrs Parkin also teaches our year 5 class. She is our humanities lead and works 3 days a week.

Miss Williams: Miss Williams is our new ECT and teaches in Year 6 alongside Mr Wright.



Here are the other, essential members of our staff who help keep the school running smoothly, successfully and happily:


Sports CoachMr J MeeSite ManagerMr P Meadows
Teaching Assistants

Mrs V Harrison

Mrs D Nadin

Mrs H Barber

Mrs C Lee

Mrs K Beal

Mrs E Feetham

Mrs K Robinson

Miss S Mee

Facilities and Catering

Mrs A Jones

Miss S Mee

Mrs S Henman 

Mrs W Trolley

Ms S Richmond 

Mrs T Price


Admin Officers

Mrs S Buchanan

Mrs S Ryan

Midday Supervisors

Mrs M Potter

Mrs E Prince

Mr D Morley

Mrs M Birkinshaw

Mrs H Atter

Mrs J Carter

Mrs P Norbury

Mrs A Jones


Finance ManagerMrs S HentyMusic Tutors

Mr P O'Connor

Mr B Tennent


Finance OfficerMrs D Craven