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Redhill Primary School

Together we dream, believe and achieve


Meet the Staff



Mrs N Millar - Headteacher: Mrs Millar is responsible for leading our school. She is also the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Mr A Cicinski - Deputy Headteacher: Mr Cicinski is our Deputy headteacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and the leader for Computing and E-safety, RE, Creative Arts and Displays. He is also the Anti-Bullying Lead, oversees the foundation curriculum and teaches our year 5 class: The Kingfishers.

Mr A Wright - Assistant Headteacher: Mr Wright is our assistant headteacher. He is the English and Maths lead and, alongside Mr Cicinski, oversees the foundation curriculum. He is also a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and the senior mental health leader for the school. He teaches our year 6 class: The Skylarks.

Miss L Ramsay: Miss Ramsay teaches our Year 6 class alongside Mr Wright: She is the leader of EYFS, PSHE and RSE.

Mrs V DaviesMrs Davies teaches our year 1 class: The Robins. She is our MFL leader.

Mr M Day: Mr Day teaches our year 2 class: The Swifts. He is our PE and Science lead.

Miss K Varney: Miss Varney teaches our year 3 class: The Owls. She is our Music and DT lead.

Mrs C Greaves: Mrs Greaves teaches our Year 4 class: The Woodpeckers. She is our Special Needs co-ordinator and our Community leader. She works 4 days a week.

Mrs C Parkin: Mrs Parkin also teaches our year 4 class. She is our Geography and History lead and works 3 days a week.

Miss Williams: Miss Williams teaches our Reception Class: The Ducklings. She shares responsibility for leading Creative Arts with Mr Cicinski

Teaching Assistants

Sports Coach

Office Staff

Midday Supervisors

Here are the other, essential members of our staff who help keep the school running smoothly, successfully and happily:


Sports CoachMr J MeeSite ManagerMr P Meadows
Teaching Assistants

Mrs V Harrison

Mrs D Nadin

Mrs H Barber

Mrs C Lee

Mrs K Beal

Mrs E Feetham

Mrs K Robinson

Miss S Mee

Mrs Radford
Mrs Cyganik

Facilities and Catering

Mrs A Jones

Miss S Mee

Mrs S Henman 

Mrs W Trolley

Mrs T Price


Admin Officers

Mrs S Buchanan

Mrs S Ryan

Midday Supervisors

Mrs M Potter

Mrs E Prince

Mr D Morley

Mrs M Birkinshaw

Mrs H Atter

Mrs J Carter

Mrs L Bemment

Mrs A Jones


Finance ManagerMrs H BowdenMusic Tutors

Mr P O'Connor

Mr B Tennent

Mr N Hatthaway


Finance OfficerMrs D Craven