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Our Dream for History


We dream of teaching our pupils to be Historians who understand how events in the past directly influence the world we live in today. We dream of exploring the story of humanity, of countries, societies, families and individuals through a historian’s eyes. We dream of learning about our place in history and raising learners with a sense of wonder, humility and ambition, recognising that we stand on the shoulders of all those who have gone before us while understanding the part we could play in the history still to come.


We dream of our pupils having a strong sense of chronology, of the order of events and time periods that tell the story of our country. We dream of our pupils going further, linking the story of the United Kingdom into the web of historical links that spread beyond these isles, across other continents, into antiquity and pre-history.


We dream of educating our young historians to understand the importance of evidence, of reconstructing the past through the artifacts, texts and oral histories available to us. We dream of teaching our historians to be increasingly critical and aware of bias, both in the creation of evidence and in the way we approach evidence with modern attitudes.


We dream of working with primary historians who are excited and inspired by the stories of Winston Churchill, Rosa Parks, Aristotle, Boudicca, Neil Armstrong, Katherine Johnson and many, many more figures from the past, and who understand how individuals can shape the past, present and future of societies across the world. We dream of producing historians who understand that the past is both fascinating but also intensely relevant to the modern world, with the same themes, conflicts and ideas developing, evolving and re-occurring over time.


We dream of history lessons in which empathy for humanity is central to our understanding of the past, in which we judge people, events and ideas fairly and with increasing compassion, knowing that the values which we hold to be important today have developed and grown through struggle, conflict and sacrifice. We dream of historians who look for and see the past in the world around them—in the shapes of the village, city and country in which we live, in the family histories we all have and in the shared memorials and commemorations that are part of our heritage. We dream of learning about a history in our classrooms which is aware of the complexities of gender and race and the equality of every individual. We dream of thoughtful, enquiring, inspiring and exciting History.


Redhill Curriculum: History Overview


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Our lives since birth

Moon landing - Neil Armstrong


Understanding the past is anything before today and the present is now


Who was Mary Anning?



Past, present and future

How we have grown and the special events in our lives

What was it like to be a child a long time ago?


Year 1

The history of homes

Local study

The life of significant
(Neil Armstrong)

Year 2

Grace Darling

The Great Fire of London

Local Study - Eyam

Year 3

Stone Age Britain


The Romans

Year 4

Vikings and Anglo-Saxons

Local History

Native America

Year 5

Meso-American Civilisations

Crime and Punishment

Ancient Greece

Year 6

World War 2

Ancient Egypt



Key Three

Pupil View

History Co-Ordinator

Mr Cicinski

If you have any questions about this area of the curriculum, please feel free to get in touch with the co-ordinator either through Class Dojo or by contacting the school office.


Year 3 visit to Cresswell Crags


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