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At Redhill, we believe that History is an essential part of the school’s curriculum. Through this subject, pupils learn about the past in Britain and the wider world; they consider how the past influences the present, what past societies were like, how these societies organised their politics, and what beliefs and cultures influenced people‘s actions. As they do this, they will develop their empathy and admiration for other cultures by realising the multiple cultures that have led to the country we live in today. They see the diversity of human experience, and understand more about themselves as individuals and members of society. In history, pupils find evidence, weigh it up and reach their own conclusions. To do this they need to be able to research, sift through evidence, and argue for their point of view—skills that are prized in adult life.


In order to deepen the children’s understanding and to provide an interesting context for discussions, our history lessons are deeply linked to our storybook curriculum. Many of our class novels link directly with the historical period being studied. For example, during their World War 2 topic in year 6, the children read Goodnight Mr Tom, Carrie’s War and Once which all give a different, personalised perspective of the this period.


In Key Stage one, we aim to ignite the children’s passion for history by studying our local history and looking at some famous and iconic events including the great fire of London, the plague and the moon landings. Then, in Key Stage Two, we take a chronologically ordered look at the development of Britain from the Stone Age to present day. Furthermore, each year group extends their understanding of world history by studying an aspect of history from another country. These include North America, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and the Aztecs. In every topic, we start our learning by placing the period of time chronologically and looking at where it falls in comparison to prior subjects taught. Furthermore, we plan in regular opportunities for children to develop their independent historical enquiry skills through investigations and debates.


By the end of Key Stage Two, we want our pupils to leave Redhill with a deep understanding of Britain’s fascinating history and a breadth of knowledge about the history of the world around them. Furthermore, we want them to leave with a curiosity about the world alongside the tools, knowledge and skills to explore these interests for the rest of their lives.

Redhill Curriculum: History Overview


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Recount a story from the past 

Compare life now and at a different time

Changes within living memory

Year 1

The history of homes

Local study

The life of significant
(Neil Armstrong)

Year 2

Grace Darling

The Great Fire of London

Local Study - Eyam

Year 3

Stone Age Britain

Local Personality: Joseph Wright

The Romans

Year 4

Vikings and Anglo-Saxons

Local History

Native America

Year 5


Crime and Punishment

The Victorians

Ancient Greece

Year 6

World War 2

Ancient Egypt


Key Three

Pupil View

Humanities Co-Ordinator

If you have any questions about this area of the curriculum, please feel free to get in touch with the co-ordinator either through Class Dojo or by contacting the school office.