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Reception - Ducklings

Reception Class - Ducklings


The Reception Team 2023-24

Spring Term 2023

What a super Spring Term the Ducklings are going to have! We will stomp our way into our Dinosaurs topic, with activities and learning based around the story of Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs!


As well as retelling the story through writing and Drama, we will also be taking on the role of palaeontologist and exploring fossils, books and ICT to find out facts about real life dinosaurs! We'll create dinosaur lands in ICT containing volcanoes, trees and lakes and we'll even make our own dinosaur art in lots of different ways including with paper plates and collage! Creating herbivore salads and carnivore snacks will certainly be highlights of the topic and we'll have great fun working together in groups to make dinosaurs in our scrapheap challenge! Some of us asked what happened to the dinosaurs so we'll use models and Drama to find out about asteroids and volcanoes.


As well as learning about dinosaurs, this term is full of festivals and celebrations that we are so excited to be learning about! Chinese New Year, Australia Day, Burns’ Night, Valentines Day, Pancake Day, St. David’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mothers’ Day and Easter are just a selection of the special celebrations we will delve into with lots of art, dancing, music, drama and special snack times involved, eating all of the delicious food we'll be cooking! Some of our tasty food projects will include making leek and potato soup, vegetable stir fry, dinosaur fossil biscuits, fairy bread and haggis, neeps and tatties!


In Maths, we will be adding and subtracting in different ways, including jumping along a number line, using Numicon and drawing diagraphs and we'll be exploring number bonds to 10 by using 10 frames, egg boxes, fingers and pairs games.


We will continue developing our coordination in PE by playing lots of games with bats, balls and beanbags and outside, developing our climbing and balance on the trim trail and climbing frame!


Alongside our mindfulness sessions, we will be learning all about different musicians and musical styles in our Music Appreciation lessons!


What a busy and exciting term!