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Year 3 - Owls

Year 3 - Owls

The Year 3 Team

Spring Term 2023

This Spring, the Year 3 Owls will be very busy birds indeed!   Year 3 will be reading and enjoying the story of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, creating art and poetic stories of their own. 


In Science lessons, the Owls will study how light behaves and will carry out lots of investigations focused on learning about how  light travels, how shadows are created, how the Earth goes around the Sun and the difference between translucent, transparent and opaque objects.  Linked to the idea of natural light, Year 3 will also begin learning about volcanoes! We'll even have some epic eruptions of our own when we build and set off papier mache volcanoes (using coke and mentoes instead of magma and natural gases of course). 


In our Design and Technology lessons, we will design and create Easter-themed packages linked to our RE topic on the importance of Easter for Christians and learn all about nets and graphic design.  In PSHE, the Owls will also  learn how families come in all different forms and ways of getting along, showing gratitude and solving conflict.  What a super Spring term!