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Year 5 - Kingfishers

Year 5 - Kingfishers


Summer Term 2021


This term, the Year 5 class novel is The City of Secret Rivers by by Jacob Sager Weinstein. This book will inspire some of our writing and Big Maths and we are looking forward to finding out if Hyacinth will manage to rescue her mum from the sewers. In addition, we will be studying the narrative poem The Tyger by William Blake and linking this to some fabulous artwork using paint.


For our History topic, we are learning about the changing role of women from the Renaissance through to today. We will be looking at the strange rules Victorian women had to follow, who the Suffragettes were and finally looking at issues that women still face today (such as jobs and pay). In Geography we are going to be learning about how rivers are formed, famous UK rivers and famous rivers from around the world. This topic will also link to our Design and Technology work where we will design and make a bridge.


In Science, we going to be learning about living things and their habitats. We have already dissected a flower and can’t wait to find out about life cycles of plants and animals.


This term during our Relationships Education lessons, we will be learning about the changes that we go through as we approach puberty and gender stereotypes. We have a busy term ahead of us!