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Gunge the Teachers

During the first half term of this academic year, the SECRET to our Success was being Supportive! To demonstrate this skill, every class came up with their own fundraising idea to help raise money for the school library.


Year 6 had a brilliant idea: During parents evening, they set up lots of donation boxes each with a picture of a different member of staff on. During the evenings, parents could choose to donate to the school library by putting an amount of their choice in any box. After these evenings, the collections would be counted and the three staff members who raised the most money would be publicly gunged!


It was huge success and we raised so much money that Mrs Millar even put herself forward to be gunged alongside the three top earners: Mrs Davies, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Radford! 


Here is the video and some pictures for us to treasure forever!

Redhill Primary School: Gunge the teachers!

Uploaded by Redhill Primary School on 2022-11-03.