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September 2019


This month, the Ducklings have been reading their topic book: The Gruffalo! They have done lots and lots of exciting work all about it. So far, they have: made pictures of the Gruffalo using ICT; used their crafting skills and recyclable materials to make their own owl; made and designed their own Gruffalo masks; and much, much more! A fantastic start for our fantastic new class!



Year 1 have been enjoying their outdoor learning sessions. For our first session, we went on a senses walk and used our five senses to find things that we could see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Last week we worked with our Maths Partner to count objects accurately. This week we worked as a team to find out the answer to our Science question. We wanted to find out if the oldest person in the class was the tallest. We all made a prediction



This month, year 2 have been reading The Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch. We have really enjoyed reading the story and we have been writing our own descriptions of a lighthouse, drawing and painting our own special seagulls and learning all about life beside the sea. I think after this topic, all of our class will be desperate to live beside the seaside!



Our Year 3 Owls have started the year exploring the distant past by thinking and learning about extinct animals. We have learned all about woolly mammoths, before creating our own extinct animal fossils and creating information texts about extinct animals of our own. Ever heard of the Spottadonna, the Firebeast or the Unicornsaurus? Year 3 have and they even made movie trailers of their creatures and their wild adventures! September was truly a wild month in Year 3!



Year four have had a really good start to the New Year. We have got right into this terms topic – Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. The children have been learning about these invaders and settlers including things like what they ate and what they wore. We have also been learning about the human digestive system in science, starting with our teeth and the children had great fun using clay to make models of theirs! We have started swimming, the children enjoyed the excitement of their first session and I’m sure they will learn lots and really enjoy their time in the pool. Well done for a great start to the year Woodpeckers!



Year 5 have been learning how to use a green screen so they can insert their image into a picture of their choice. These pictures will be used in a piece of writing they are doing about Portals.



Our new Skylarks have had an amazing start to Year 6! Our first topic is World War 2 and we have already done so many exciting things. We have looked at classic films from the era and used our photoshop and art skills to recreate iconic film posters. Furthermore, we have written our own versions of Charlie Chaplin’s incredible speech from The Great Dictator.

We have also been reading Goodnight Mr Tom and creating propaganda images and evacuee images based on what we have learnt from the story.

Whilst studying the events in Dunkirk, we wrote our own sonnets inspired by Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen to show the horror of the situation and we created some artwork to display our poems on based on some iconic images from the film Dunkirk. Well done everyone!